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Dream collection

The Dream Collection gloss kit, a captivating trio of glosses that marks a milestone for AllThingsRoseMetics. This collection is a celebration of diversity and individuality, offering three unique shades to suit every mood and style.


First up, we have "Basick Chick," a high-shine clear gloss that serves as the foundation for endless possibilities. This versatile gloss enhances your natural lip color with a glossy sheen, making it a staple for any occasion. Wear it alone for a simple and polished look or layer it over your favorite lipstick for added shine and dimension.


Next, we have "A Little Sas," a shimmery light pink gloss that embodies subtle femininity. This delicate shade adds a touch of shimmer and a hint of pink to your lips, creating a soft and romantic allure. Whether you're going for a natural everyday look or a dreamy date night vibe, "A Little Sas" is the perfect companion to enhance your lips' natural beauty.


Completing the trio is "She's Golden," a shimmery golden gloss that radiates warmth and sophistication. This luminous shade adds a touch of glamour and elegance to your lips, making a bold statement wherever you go. Wear it alone to exude confidence and radiance, or pair it with a lip liner to create a mesmerizing golden pout that captivates everyone's attention.


The "Dream Collection" gloss kit offers endless possibilities for expressing your unique style. Each gloss can be applied alone for a subtle and beautiful effect, or combined with a liner or layered over lipstick to create a customized look that truly reflects your individuality.


Indulge in the nourishing benefits of our gloss formula, as it hydrates and moisturizes your lips, leaving them soft and supple. Our glosses ensure comfortable wear that lasts throughout the day, keeping your lips feeling pampered and confident.


Experience the magic of the "Dream Collection" gloss kit – where versatility, glamour, and high-quality meet. Let your lips tell a story of empowerment and self-expression with the first glosses released on the AllThingsRoseMetics website. With this collection, your lips will shine with beauty, sophistication, and the power to dream.

Dream collection

  • For luscious, fuller-looking lips, look no further than our lipgloss! To get the perfect pout, simply start by applying the lipgloss to the center of your upper lip, then work your way out towards the edges. Follow the natural contour of your lips to achieve a flawless, even finish that enhances your natural beauty.

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